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April 2011

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From the Minister

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have been praying for the people of Japan, and those in Libya, and for all the conflict that seems to be tearing apart the fabric of life. In my prayers I beseech Almighty God to intercede and bring comfort, healing, and peace to this broken world. When my fixation with the problems of the world begin to overshadow the joys and blessings of life I enter into a struggle with God. As the psalmists lamented, I cry out asking if God has forgotten us or perhaps thrown in the towel and given up on us. I wrestle like Jacob with the very God who blesses me as I humbly submit myself to God's love. In my struggle I am drawn to Elijah's search for God.

A great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice. (1 Kings 19:11-12)

God is not in the wind of hurricanes, the destruction of earthquakes, or the fire of artillery. No, God is in the still small voice that comforts and strengthens us to persevere through the challenges, the setbacks, the losses, and the heartaches of life. Jesus did not promise a life without hardships, but Jesus did promise that he would never leave us and forsake us.

To hear the still small voice of God I need to stop and listen. I need to stop with my frantic recounting of the world's ills, as if God is unaware. I need to stop the worry that increases my anxiety to the point where I am unable to hear any voice. And I need to stop my need for control and trust in God. Hear my big sigh….. let go and let God. And then, only then am I able to hear God's still small voice. A voice that loves me and all of creation, a voice that consoles me and comforts me, a voice that invites and encourages me to be a blessing for the world. When I get out of God's way and let God lead, I find myself on a path paved with hope, joy, love, and peace. The road leads through the troubles of the world, facing the struggles, grief and strife, but it leads to the promise of God's kingdom. Let us seek the kingdom of peace and love by listening for God's still small voice.

Grace and blessings,
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At Home Bible Study

John 10:1-5:At Home Bible Study on Shepherding

1 "Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2 The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. 3 The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 4 When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. 5 But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice."

Thoughts for Reflection

Read the Gospel of John 10:1-21 for the full discussion on how we can understand Jesus as our shepherd. Read, pray and reflect on how you are able to trust and follow Jesus. How is that you are a shepherd for others? Divider Graphic

bible with candle graphicContinuing & Special Events with Katherine & Office Schedule:

Wednesday Morning Worship  with Communion

Come and be uplifted as we gather in the Chapel to worship God, hear Scripture, and celebrate Communion. The service will run from 7 to 7:30 am, followed by a light breakfast (or at least a cup of coffee to go!) More Info.

Bible Study

6-7 PM on Tuesday evenings
10:30 AM on Thursdays

Christian Life Series

7 pm, 3rd Wednesdays, October-June

Spirituality Groups

7-8:30 PM, 4th Wednesdays

Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class in process..

Church Office Hours

The church office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 1 PM.

Date to Remember

What is a Christian life anyway?
As we dive into our Christian Life series of discussions, this seems like a natural question. In the simplest terms a Christian life is one where we follow the call and teachings of Jesus. How we live matters, and central to how we live are our relationships. Please join us on Tuesday, April 12 at 7 PM for a discussion on Starting the Conversation with Teens about Substance Abuse, led by Sheila Vitali; and on Wednesday May 18 at 7:00 PM for a discussion on Relationships and Marriage, led by Lynne Hildreth. Rev. Don Remick, our Area minister, joined us for a discussion on parenting. Phyllis Jennings wrote up the main points of that conversation for us.

Notes on Parenting Discussion with Don Remick in March

"Spare the rod and spoil the child". We have all head that old proverb but how does that apply to our day and age? Surely we are not to beat our children. Rev. Don Remick shared that the Hebrew people would have had an understanding of how a shepherd uses his rod and staff to guide and protect the sheep never to hit them. The good shepherd provides a place of safety and security. He does not let sheep bother each other. Rev. Remick referred to the 23rd psalm for more guidance as to what good parents should try to do for their children.

Other helpful hits that Rev. Remick provided for parents and all of us who are concerned about children, is that every behavior has a message. It is our task to figure out what that might be saying. If we adults feel annoyed, maybe the child needs more attention. If we "catch them being good" and provide positive attention, maybe the irritating behavior will lessen. If we feel challenged and angry, maybe the child is looking for control. We can provide limited choices, develop a routine, be firm but kind and stick to the limits without fighting or giving in. If we feel hurt or disappointed by the child's behavior, maybe they are testing us to be sure of their safety and we need to acknowledge their feelings, show we care, provide small steps for mastery. Don provided a couple more articles with ideas which will be posted on a hallway bulletin board. (compiled by Phyllis Jennings)

2011 Lenten Luncheons Sponsored by the Billerica Clergy Association

Held at First Congregational Church

11:45 AM - Lunch
12:30 PM - Service

Remaining Services

Wednesday, March 30 - First Parish Unitarian Universalist
Wednesday, April 6 - St. Theresa's Catholic
Wednesday, April 13 - New Colony Baptist

Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday Evening Soup Supper and Communion Service
at 6:30 PM

Come, join us for a simple supper of soup and bread in the parlor,
then we will gather in the Chapel for a simple Communion Service

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Notes from the Diaconate

The Diaconate is accepting orders for flowers for shut-ins. Please see the order form below. If you would like to deliver to a shut-in please let Deacons Donna Ricarte or Ruth Boutilier know.

On Palm Sunday, members of Outreach and the Diaconate will be delivering Palm Sunday meals, palms, and Easter flowers to the shut-ins of the congregation. This one of the ways we reach out and show our love to shut-in members.

In March we held our Women's Retreat: Cultivating Joy. It was refreshing and opened new avenues for prayer. We were blessed with the leadership of Rev. Ellie Richarson and the Catherine Miller. We look forward to more opportunities for women's ministries in the future.

Please join us for Wednesday Evening Worship during Lent. We will gather at 6:30 for a simple supper, followed by worship at 7:00 PM

    • Palm Sunday Service, Sunday, April 17 at 10:00 am
    • Maundy Thursday Service, Thursday, April 21 at 7:30 PM
    • Flowering of the Cross, Sunday, April 24 at 7:00 am
    • Easter Breakfast, Sunday, April 24 at 8:00 am
    • Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by Family Life, Sunday, April 24 at 9:00 am
    • Family Easter Service, Sunday, April 24 at 9:30 am
    • Easter Service of the Word and Communion, accompanied by Senior Choir and Brass Quartet, Sunday, April 24 at 11:00 am

      - Tamara Potter


Name ___________________________________



Tulips for Shut-ins _________________$12.00

You can order:

Tulips ________________-$12.00

Lilies _________________ - $14.00

Farolito (Light pink)Lily _____ - $14.00

Flowers will be available for pick-up on Saturday, April 16 or Sunday, April 17.

Last day for ordering is April 10.* Need info? Call Donna Ricarte - 663-4043 or Ruth Boutilier - 667-9654.

Make checks payable to FCC of Billerica
Memo: Easter Flowers

*If convenient, fill in this form and put in offering plate with check or place in Deacons' mailbox.


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Christian Life Series

How do we live our faith? This series helps us grow in faith and discipleship.

Rev. Katherine Adams and guests will lead discussions that explore what it means to be a disciple of Christ in our daily living. Developing and strengthening relationships will be central to our discussions. Parents are especially encouraged to attend. Childcare will be provided.

Discussions will be on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, October through June, at 7:00 PM:
Apr 20 Caring for the Caregiver
May 18 Christian values, morals & ethics
Jun 15 Finances and Faith

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From Our Incare Student, Sheila Vitale

Dear Friends,

Why do some congregations thrive, others languish? This was an article written by Anthony Robinson, Minister in the United Church of Christ and author of several books on church vitality. I read this article recently for my course on Transforming Church Culture. The article was in review of a book titled Practicing Congregations by Diana Butler Bass. The book spoke of mainline Protestant churches that should have been in decline and how Bass in the course of her research found many vital congregations.

The approach Bass took in her research was different from many researchers. It was not to ask, "Why are some churches failing?" But rather to ask, "Why do some succeed?" How are some churches finding new life in a time of religious change? And, "What can those of us seeking a meaningful Christianity learn from them?"

The article goes on to explain what we might learn from these vital congregations, take spirituality seriously. By attending to personal spiritual quests with more traditional forms of religious life in community churches can be renewed.
Last fall the United Church of Christ began a program to bring back or emphasize spiritual practices as a means of transforming congregations. It is believed that by returning or emphasizing these practices congregations rediscover and reinterpret a forgotten part of their heritage. These practices can include hospitality, keeping the Sabbath, testimony, discernment, forgiveness and healing.

As many of you know we already practice several of these in our church. We practice with diligence hospitality, we have heard testimony from some on occasion and many of us strive to keep the Sabbath. I wonder, are we a vital congregation?

Sheila Vitali

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Hands holding grain graphicStewardship Committee

Lent offers time for reflection on many levels. It offers a time to reflect on our relationships: our relationship with self, our relationship with God, and our relationships with others.

We often get caught up with the demands of day to day living and sacrifice the required time to maintain our relationships. I know I fall into that trap on a regular basis. There is always enough time for work-including all those extra hours. Hours, that I don't blink an eye at sacrificing. But I haven't taken the time to go to one of our Wednesday night Lenten Services that would strengthen my relationship with God and encourage me to self reflect.

Self reflection is not something most of us regularly do. We don't do it because it is hard. Not because it is hard for us to see the flaws we have. The difficulty is that once we see the flaws, we now feel the need to address them. And that is not easy to do, in fact it can be downright painful. It's hard to admit that we need to spend more time with our families, or that we take our spouse or loved ones for granted at times.

But, of course, as Christians it is much easier to call oneself a Christian than to live as one. Jesus took forty days in the desert to self reflect and fend off the devil. He did this in preparation of his ministry and continued to set time aside to pray and reflect during his life. Let us be good stewards of our relationships this Lenten journey, taking time to reflect, pray, and honor our loved ones.

- Jon Adams
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Men and Women around table graphicTrustees

Levi Sunday is April 10. We will be serving pizza for lunch for all who volunteer.
- Kevin Button

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Feb 6 Worship NA
Feb 13 Worship 108
Feb 20 Worship 129
Feb 27 Worship 45
Mar 6 Worship 142
Mar 13 Worship 142
Mar 20 Worship 165


Date General Fd Outreach FD Deacons FD
Feb 6 $2598 $165 $30
Feb 13 $2000 $150 $225
Feb 20 $2222 $117 $120
Feb 27 $1814 $115 $210
Mar 6 $3444 $269 $87
Mar 13 $4335 $346 $127
Mar 20 $3915 $201 $140

Our average weekly General Fund expenses are $4370. Thank you for your continued prayers of support and financial stewardship to support the work of the Church.

Divider Graphic
The Outreach Committee Report

2011 Outreach Members
Your 2011 Outreach Committee members are: Jackie Gullage, Terry & Steve Lewis, Don Lovegrove, Nita Owin, Bob & Linda Miner (co-chairs)

There are now over 100,000 "charitable" organizations and we receive hundreds of requests for assistance annually.
First, you should know that we don't "marry" charities, we "date" them. A charity must make its case anew each year and show it remains among the most efficient and effective in its category.

It is said that if you give a sip of water to 100 people dying of thirst, you will run out of water and they'll actually all die anyway. That is why we focus our contributions and usually choose about 20 projects to support. We do our homework.

If money is to actually go to those in need, we need to know how much it costs a charity to raise money. So a group like Save the Children that spends $10 to raise $100 is much more attractive to us than Feed the Children which spends $55 to raise $100. Then International Rescue Committee that spends 90% of its funds to help people is more attractive to us than World Emergency Relief that spends 26% of its funds for actual relief. We are concerned with the amount of money spent on salaries so we note that the compensation package for the director of the American Cancer Society was $2.4 million in 2010 while the head of the Susan G. Komen organization received less than 25% as much.

We check reserve funds and are unlikely to support the Hole in the Wall (Paul Newman's organization). They do fine and important work but have enough money in reserve to carry on their programs for the next 5 years if they receive no money during that time. They don't need our money, we'll buy his salsa. Many organizations have built in sources of revenue. For example, Shriners Hospital receives dues from all Shriners; many have federal/state/town government support; the list of criteria goes on. You can be assured that funds provided to your Outreach Committee will usually go to the neediest and most efficient organizations and will be used to address current pressing needs. Careful, extensive research increases the likelihood that your money will be used wisely. If we can be of assistance to any of you regarding your personal benevolence, please fell free to approach us for information.

Welcoming the Stranger
For several years we've maintained a relationship with the Refugee Immigration Ministry. This interfaith group of 5 churches meets about 8 times a year and works to settle individuals and families (mostly refugees) who have been approved by the U.S. government for resettlement in our area. Many of us have been involved and we've provided, time, material aid, friendship, and financial assistance. Because the members of our committee are stretched thin, we're looking for someone who would represent us at the meetings and be the liaison for us. We'd provide assistance and accompany the individual or couple to the first meetings to make the transition go smoothly. It's an important ministry and one we don't want to drop. See Bob Miner or call him at 978-667-2961 to learn more.

Recent Thank You's From:
Americares for a $200 contribution. This Danbury CT. headquarter based organization receives donated surplus medical supplies from pharmaceutical companies and is often first on the ground with disaster relief.

The Outreach Committee has been receiving an average of about $150/wk. from the congregation. In our continuing effort to combat hunger and poverty, we search diligently for the most effective, targeted ways to maximize the effectiveness of our contributions. On March 13, we voted a contribution of $150 to Feeding America that supports food banks across the U.S. We were able to take advantage of corporate matches for donations given during a specific time period and maximize our contribution 30 times. So our gift of $150 actually provided $4,500 worth of food. F.C.C.B. continues to do a lot with a little.

Did You Know
Americans spent 12 billion dollars on pet food in 2010 and 16 billion on veterinarian bills.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers and texting while driving increases that likelihood by a factor of 23 times.

- Bob Miner

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Blackboard Graphic

Religious Education

Lent began on Sunday, March 13th and will continue to Sunday, April 17th. This year, the Sunday school children are donating hygiene supplies to the Lowell Homeless Shelter for their Lenten project. Information was given to the children in Sunday school. Anyone from the Congregation who is interested in donating items is welcome. Donation boxes are available in the High school/PF room, at the front of the church and by the mailboxes. Following this article is a list of products being donated to the shelter. The supplies will be delivered to the Lowell Homeless Shelter the week of April 17th.

Children's Sunday has been changed to June 6th and Confirmation Sunday will be on June 12th. The last day of Sunday school class will be on May 22nd. There will be no Sunday school on May 29th in observation of Memorial Day. Look for further information regarding these events in the bulletin and upcoming Lanterns.

This year's Confirmation class will include 13 confirmands. Once again, we will be asking the congregation to help us coordinate a collation for the confirmands and their families by donating food. This is a large group and we will be in need of a vast amount of assistance from our talented cooks!! Please keep this date in mind and look for further information in the upcoming Lanterns.

-Dawn Salter


March 20 RE meeting 11:30a Lenten Project 2011

The High School Sunday School class is asking for help from all Sunday School children and church parishioners. We will be donating personal articles to homeless people at the Lowell Homeless Shelter this year.

All products will be delivered to the Homeless Shelter the week of April 18. These products can be dropped off at the High School/P.F. Room or a box marked "Homeless Donations" at the front of the church.

Product Schedule
Sunday - March 14 - tooth brush
Sunday, March 20 - tooth paste
Sunday, March 27 - bar soap
Sunday, April 3 - deodorant
Sunday, April 10 - shaving cream
Sunday, April 17 - napkins *
* For those people asking, "Why napkins?" Talk to those students who worked at the Homeless Shelter at Terre Haute, Indiana (2009).

Thank you for all your help and love in making this a successful project.
Brent Davis, High School Coordinator



Please Pre-Order using form below:
(Proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity in York PA)
Order due date: April 17th…..Pick up date: April 23rd
Delivery Available
With nuts or without
Small cake -$10; Large cake - $15

Order Form

Name________________________________ Phone #___________


Cake order: _____ Qty of Small Cakes _____Qty without nuts

Delivery Address _____________________(Add $3 for delivery)

_____ Qty of Large Cakes _____Qty without nuts

Delivery Address _____________________(Add $3 for delivery)

Blue line divider graphic

Pilgrim Fellowship DATES

Parents and current PF members are invited to a meeting to be held on Sunday, April 3 after church at 11:30 AM. Any 5th graders interested in joining P.F. are invited to come to this meeting!

Fri/Sat Apr 8 & 9 6am Fri-9am Sat Lock in/Sleepover
Sun Apr 17 11:30-1:30 Meeting
Sat Apr 23 6:00 PM Rehearsal for Flowering of the Cross
Sun Apr 24 Arrive 6:00 PM for 7:00 am service Flowering of the Cross
Sun May 1 11:30 am-1:30 PM PF

Sun May 8

Arrive 6 am for 7-9 am breakfast




- Debbie MacEachern

aim-highAim Hi


Meetings: Third Thursdays except January


Next Meeting:The next meeting of Aim-Hi will be Thursday, April 21 at noon. We always welcome new members to join us for lunch. Aim-Hi has been sending our love, prayers, and Thank You packages to those serving overseas.

We encourage the congregation to use the addresses below and send a short note or greeting card to these young people while they are away from home. It means so much to them and their families.

Donna Ricarte

The current addresses of the service personnel overseas are:

Ryan Allen
25 FS
PSC 3 Box 4308
APO AP 96266 - 0043

SFC Robinson, Kevin A
94th MP Co.
APO AE 09344

Blinn, Mark P.F.C.
Loc # 1718MCCES
Box 786253
29 Palms, CA 92278-8253

Cpl Shane Q. Gallagher, USMC
3rd Reconnaissance BLT
Alpha Co
Unit 36180
FPO AP 96602

Sgt. Matthew Kreisz
A Co TF 3/197th
Camp Buehring
APO AE 09330 

If anyone in the congregation knows of other young people who are serving our country overseas, please provide us with their address. The information can be given to June Orne at 603-883-6721 ( or Donna Ricarte at 978-663-4043 ( or call the church office at 978-773-8433.

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music notes on staff graphic Notes from the Music Committee


  • Lent-final music rehearsal set for March 25th at 7 PM

  • Easter- rehearsals April 1st April 7th April 15th at 7 PM

  • Final Easter rehearsal set for April 20th at 7 PM

  • The choir will be practicing and getting ready to sing on Easter - Consider joining the choir even just for the Easter Holiday… it is fun and it will help fill your spirit…all you have to do is like to sing.

    Easter Sunday Music

    •  9;30 am - Children and Adult Choir.
    • 11:00 am- Full Adult Choir with guest musicians.

      Next music committee meeting is set for April 10th.

- Cynthia Tomlin

blue line divider graphic

lay shepherding

Lay Shepherding

April 13, 2011
1:00 P.M.

If you are homebound or feel that you would like phone calls or visits by any of our shepherds,please contact one of our members.

Our shepherds who are available are: Betty & Dennis Blanchette, Ruth Boutilier, Andrew Jennings, Pat Hefler, Glenda Lovegrove, Wanda Lordan, & Audrey Schwartz.

Audrey Schwartz 978 663-3239 or Glenda Lovegrove 978 667-3596


United Church of Christ News

To "nurture local church vitality to be alive in Christ and the covenant connections between us" is the aim of the Massachusetts UCC conference. As part of this our church is the host for the spring meeting of the Andover Association of the United Church of Christ.

On April 3 from 2-5 PM Clergy and delegates from our association churches will gather here to "cultivate joy". You are all invited to attend, also. There will be inspiring worship, a program on cultivating joy , and chances to meet others in our nearby churches.

We will also need people who are willing to greet, to help with parking, set up and clean up, and refreshments. Rev. Katherine is on the planning group. See her for more detail or to volunteer.

-Phyllis Jennings, MACUCC delegate

We serve together
we play together!

Come join us for our
Adult Fellowship Games Night

Saturday, April 16, 7:00 PM

To be held at the home of
JP & Maryanne Durand
27 Simonds Farm Rd.

Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share and your own beverage and your favorite game if desired

Sign up in Dale Hall entrance or call

Maryanne Durand 978-667-4239/Lynne Hildreth 978-663-4727

Let us know if you would like a ride.

From Your Go-Green Committee


Did You Know:

  1. Alkaline batteries = regular trash
  2. Items containing mercury require special handling in order to limit the risk of exposure. Thermometers, thermostats, mercury switches and button cell batteries = Board of Health office & box in entry hallway in our Town Hall.
  3. Fluorescent bulbs including compact bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. Do not put them in the regular trash. Dropped off = O'Connor Hardware or DPW Administration office in Town Hall.
  4. Small non-alkaline batteries = DPW Administration Room G-11.
  5. The following rechargeable batteries can be recycled at the DPW: Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn) or see for other drop-off locations.
  6. Recycling is mandatory. In compliance with Massachusetts DEP Waste Bans, recyclable material must be separated from the trash.

The above information was taken from our most recent Residential Recycling and Trash Collection Guide.

"After millions of barrels of oil are used to produce and ship plastic water bottles, nearly 90 % of them land in the garbage instead of the recycle bin. These bottles will sit in landfills for centuries, their chemicals seeping into the environment."

This info. comes from - www.foodand

Your Go Green Task Force wishes to thank you the Trustees and Kevin Button for providing all of the new blue recycle baskets & containers. They certainly add a very nice touch instead of our previous cardboard boxes. We hope all clean paper will now be recycled.

Linda Miner on behalf of you "Go Green Task Force

Recycling Guidelines


What to Recycle

How to Prepare

Do Not Include

Paper Newspaper & Inserts
Junk Mail
Office paper
Glossy paper, etc.
Place in paper bag or place in recycle bin. DON'T use plastic bags to hold any recycling

NO soiled paper
Cardboard Corrugated Flatten & cut no larger than 30"x30" & no thicker than 8"

Tie or tape

Remove all packing & liners.
NO pizza boxes

NO soiled material

NO milk or juice cartons
Paper & Cardboard go together
Plastic Containers 1-7
Food & beverage containers
Detergent bottles
Rinse clean & remove lids
Labels OK
NO plastic bags or shrink wrap
NO styrofoam
Glass Jars & bottles (all colors) Rinse clean & remove lids
Labels OK
NO broken glass
NO Pyrex/ceramics
NO window glass
Metal Aluminum, steel & tin cans Rinse clean
Labels OK
NO other metal items
NO aerosol or paint cans
NO aluminum foil or pans
Plastic - Glass - Metal go together

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Flowers: April 2011

March 6 - Given in loving memory of John F. Rankin, Jr, from Jane and Paul Johansen and Heater and Joe Cross.
On the Lectern, flowers are given with thanks to the church for its continuous support for the Girl Scouts of Billerica.

April 3 - Open

April 10 - Given in loving memory of my husband, Lester, and members of the Lacey and Chandler families by Pat Hefler.

April 17- Palm Sunday - Deacons provide an arrangement of palms.

April 24 - Easter - Given in loving memory of Leonard J. and J. Leonard Brown from Barbara Brown.
On the piano flowers are given in loving memory of my grandmother, Lillian Lewis, by Diana Saunders.
On the lectern, flowers are given to Mom with love, Di, Bud, Nicole, Laura and Jessica.

If you would like to donate flowers on any Sunday, please contact Jeannette Rohnstock (978-663-6804)

Blue line divider graphic

Church window graphic

PASSAGES: Births, Baptisms, New Members, Weddings and Memorial Services

No new entries in March

Blue line divider graphic



We are looking for a few good men and women who might like to help with one-time or occasional tasks. We know that some people are unable to commit to a committee, but that they understand the need for many hands. See if you have some time to offer for one or another of the tasks below.

  • Telephone duty on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 am to answer any questions or take messages. Please sign up on Bulletin Board across from Pastor's office.
  • Volunteers to assist our station leaders in Vacation Bible School, July 26-30, 9am-12noon. If you are available to help, please contact Nicole Toner or Rev. Katherine.
  • Nursery room aides during church service. If you love little ones, the sign-up list is near the nursery.
  • Volunteers to assist with the Sunday school program for next fall. We are looking for teachers (weekly or every other week), substitute teachers, classroom helpers, hall monitors and nursery coverage. Anyone who would be interested, please contact Pat Rogers 978-663-8121 or the RE Committee.
  • Someone with an SLR digital camera who is willing to work on the photo directory? Please contact Susan McLay if you are willing to help.
  • Organizational tasks involving books,cabinets, shelves, bulletin boards, etc. There is no time limit. This could be done on your own schedule. See Rev. Katherine for suggestions.
  • Providing coffee/tea/cold drinks for Sunday morning coffee hour. (See Bob Miner if you'd like to help..)
  • Providing a snack for Sunday morning coffee hour. Sign up on the list beside the kitchen door for a specific week. Suggestions /directions are posted.
  • Membership Database help. A lot of work is needed to maintain our database and keep the data current. If you have simple computer skills and some time to help out, speak to Lynne Hildreth.

Please help. Alas, there is no monetary reward, but you will have our heartfelt appreciation and, of course, many stars in your crown.

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Thank You's and Notes


Thank you to Audrey Schwartz and Barbara Reinecker for their help in the delivery of the March issue of The Lantern!

Lantern Online or by Email

The Lantern is on the web each month in its entirety and Joe Bowker has also volunteered to email the newsletter to anyone who requests it. To reduce our mailing costs, if you would like to read it on line at or have it emailed to you, please let me know.

As of September you could also read the Lantern on Facebook. For information on accessing it there, please go to
First Congregational Facebook Page.

If you are willing to read or receive your Lantern on line, would you please send Alison or Lynne Hildreth an e-mail or you could mark your okay on the pewpads.

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Next Lantern Deadline: Sunday, April 24, 2011

The newsletter written and mailed the week of April 24 will include the news for the entire month of April.

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Senior High Sunday School Mission Trip Fundraiser